Prior to heading to a concert in Frankfurt, we made stop here at the Der Fette Bulle, or translated to the FAT BULL.

We sat outside on the “patio area” on the sidewalk next to the street. They had these cool fire pit things lit up out there and the ambiance was awesome.

I wasn’t sure what to expect here burger wise, but they have a variety of burger options on the menu. I stuck with the house burger, which I believe was called the Fat Bull, and let me tell you, I’m happy I did.

Of course, I got a mug of beer, which was delicious. Not long after we ordered, our burgers came out….holy moly…these burgers were GIGANTIC. Easily 6-8 inches in diameter, and almost just as high. My burger had twin patties, bacon, and egg, along with lettuce & tomato. I must say my eyes popped out of head when this thing was put out in front of me. I regret not taking a picture of it, but that’s because I hadn’t eaten since my overseas flight into Frankfurt in the morning and I was STARVING.

The burger is so big and think that you can just bit into it cleanly. You have to approach it in angles and take bites out of it in stages to consume it. You need to have jaws like a snake to really unhinge them to get a solid bit. Regardless, this was quite the special meal with great company, good food, and wonderful service.

I recommend this place HIGHLY! Come hungry